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Affordable Printing Services

Why our Printing Service is so Reasonable

As graphic designers based on the Sunshine Coast offering a total in-house design service, we like to pass on the excellent wholesale printing rates we have access to.

Our clients don't have to pay premium off the street printing prices.

We don't place a huge markup on printing rates and therefore the cost is very competitive.

Your Print Design or Ours

Provide press-ready artwork of your own, or have us provide a professional design. Once you have signed off on the final proof of a design, we forward the press-ready artwork to our wholesale printer, who will process the job and post directly to you.

We refuse to deal with design and print companies who offer cheap service at the expense of quality. All paper or card products that we quote on will be of the highest quality unless budget materials are specified, and will still be competitively priced.

Business Card Printing

Our most popular business card package is 1000 cards printed on 400gsm card with either a gloss or a matte cello-glaze finish. If your brief is specific, your logo supplied, and changes minimal, a custom pre-press design can often be achieved within an hour.

Other business card options, like quantity, card quality, embossing and gold foil are available.

Flyers and Brochures

Flyers and brochures are available from a minimum print run of 1000 copies up to 30,000 copies. Paper quality ranges from 80gsm bond through to 350gsm Gloss Art, plus matte or gloss cello glaze finishes.

Read more about brochure and flyer design or check out our articles blog for informative details about design and marketing.

Contact us for a quote.


There's a trend among small business to use generic or office designed stationary in recent years. It can be expensive to print. Check out the benefits of a professional presentation. Perhaps its time to give your business presentation a face-lift.

Stickers can be printed on a range of different media, which might include the following:

Full Colour Vinyl; Metallic Stickers; Paper Stickers; Transparent; Removable; Permanent; Fluorescent; Cut to shape; Gold & Silver; Embossed; Fluorescent; Stickers on a Roll; Hologram; or Hot Foil.]

Most of these processes are more expensive than standard printing costs, but can also provide more impact for marketing purposes. Our costs are very reasonable, so please contact us for a quote.

Magazines and Book Printing

We have a long time experience in publishing, including magazine and book layout design and typesetting.

Our print service is very competitive and includes binding. We would be very happy to offer you a quote for your printing or design and layout requirements.

Digital or Offset Printing

What is the difference between digital and offset printing?

Let's take a look at these two printing methods, the distinction between the two, and what makes sense when choosing between the two for your print project.

Offset Printing Sunshine Coast

Offset Printing

Offset printing requires the use of 'printer's plates' or 'lithographic plates' generally made from aluminium.

A photo-chemical process engraves the item to be printed onto the plate. This is then used to transfer the image onto a rubber "blanket", which then rolls that image onto the paper.

The name 'Offset' is used because the ink is not directly transferred onto the paper, but achieved via the plates.

When large print quantities are required with accurate colour reproduction, offset printing is the best choice for a crisp, professional looking result.

As long as there are no design alterations, the plates can be used multiple times which means that print re-runs are more cost-effective.

  • Large quantities printed cost effectively
  • The more you print, the cheaper the price per page or item
  • A larger range of paper types with custom finishes can be used
  • Special inks such as metallic and Pantone colours available
  • Highest possible printing quality, with more detail and colour fidelity

Many business do not need print runs of 500 or more, so the next best solution is digital printing.

Digital Printing Sunshine Coast

Digital Printing

Digital printing doesn't make use of lithographic plates the way offset printing does.

Instead, digital printing uses options such as toner (as with laser printers), or larger printers that use liquid ink which is directly added to the paper or card.

When lower quantities are needed digital printing is the way to go. Perhaps you need some flyers to hand out, or some party invitations.

Another significant benefit of digital printing is the capability to use variable data. If your print item needs a unique ID number, address or name, digital is the only answer.

  • Lower set up costs for short runs
  • Print the amount you need, when needed
  • Lower quantities (as low as 1, 20 or 50 items)
  • Capability for variable data (names, addresses, codes or numbering)
  • Digital quality is acceptable in most cases

Making the choice between Offset and Digital can be a no-brainer if you require a larger print run, custom paper or ink or when superior quality is a priority. In that case, then Offset printing is the only choice to make.

If a small run of less than 500 or the need for individual data is required, then digital is your solution.

The most important thing is that your business needs can be met with one of these choices.

The high-level of quality available compared to home or office printing means you get a result that will make your business look professional and competitive!

Lets work together to get great
results for your business

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