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A Content Management System (CMS) provides you with the ability to manage your own website. This is easily achieved using an administration area accessed directly from your web browser. No expensive computer based software is necessary.

Which Content Management System?

We have experience using a range of content management system software and will select one according to your unique requirements.

WordPress is a hugely popular, user friendly CMS. It has a lot of great features and optional extras. We prefer to create our own custom WordPress websites, but can work with any theme a client may prefer.

We are experienced with using Genesis themes and have a developers license which provides access to all their themes at no cost to our customers.

Our favourite WordPress tool is Oxygen Builder which allows us to custom build websites with no need to use a theme at all.

Another CMS we like to use is Joomla. The Joomla content management system is very powerful and more useful for larger businesses requiring extendable functions. Operation of Joomla requires good computer literacy and we include training for our clients.

There are content management systems which are specific for shopping cart or ecommerce websites, like Magento. Also, for WordPress websites, Woocommerce is a great shopping cart system.

There are other content management systems which are even easier to use and most suitable for smaller websites, such as Concrete5 or CMS Made Simple.

We can help you choose the system which will work best for you.

Using your Content Management System

A content management system does require a certain level of computer literacy. If you believe you fit into the category of having average to excellent computer literacy, or have staff who fit that category, then a content management system delivers a cost saving ability to add your own pages and content.

You will need to know how to optimise photos and images for the internet, and a basic knowledge of html is desirable but not essential.

A content management system allows more than one person to access the administration area of the website and make/add changes to the website. It's a very useful tool for any business.

We Offer Ongoing Support

We provide training in how to use your CMS. Training normally only takes an hour or two, and is usually included in the development cost. This does depend on the complexity of your website as well as your computer skills.

Training can be done using Skype, which is free to download to your computer and allows for hands-free skype to skype calls,  screen sharing and sending messages.

We recommend taking advantage of our website maintenance package, which means that we handle your website back-ups, updates and store the backups offline for added security.

Should you find the process of managing your own website content daunting or you don't have the time, then we are always available to assist.

Our graphic designers are also always available to create website artwork or promotional material for display on your website.

What are other Content Management System advantages?

Content Management Systems use a database which can be used for gathering data and client information and other useful functions.

    • Easy page management – Any approved user can quickly and easily publish online without complicated software or programming.
    • Consistent brand – The template provides a consistent style or brand across the entire website.
    • Design is separate – You can alter or add content without changing the design.
    • Access Levels – You can give different levels of access to different users. The CMS can ensure content is approved before going live.
    • Remote access – You can access and update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection through your browser.
    • Integration - integrate your website with customer relationship management and asset management systems
    • Archive - store archived content, either for future use or reference
    • Gather Data - You can gather data from visitors via email subscriptions, memberships, shopping carts

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