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What is a logo

The aim of a logo is to be recognisable and memorable. It is a symbol of your company's identity and presents to your customers' their first impression of your business.

The best logo sends a message to your customers about your company values, creates brand loyalty and gives brochures, letterheads, business cards, vehicles and signs a professional appearance.

This is what we would strive to create for you as the signature and representation of your business.

Your logo is your company's most important design element because it's the basis for all your other marketing materials: stationery, packaging, promotional materials and signage.

Your logo design process

The first step in having a logo developed is to discuss with us what your logo needs to convey or represent.

From an initial discussion we can get a very good idea about your business, and what type of consumer your logo needs to make a statement to.

  • The type of business will the logo be representing
  • What message should it convey?
  • Will the logo require adaption at some later point for other departments or sub companies, or perhaps on special occasions?
  • Will your logo include a symbol or be your company name alone

Many people approach us about having a logo designed and already have a clear concept in mind.

Our job is to translate this vision into an effective result you will be proud of, and which will represent your company the way you want it to.

Logo design cost

Generally the first question we are asked by someone enquiring about logo design, is what the cost will be.

Our standard answer is that every client and every logo is unique. It is a challenge to put a time and a fixed price on the creation of any unique design. Our initial discussion is integral to this.

Some people have no idea of how they want their logo to look and ask us to provide concepts to choose from.

Others are very clear on what they want, and the interpretation process is very important to achieving exactly what our client's envisage.

We are happy to work with you for the best possible end result.

We prefer to quote on a logo development after we have spoken at some length with a client and have a solid understanding of what is required, and therefore an idea of how long it might take to create. This process my incur a consultation fee.

Design trends

As with web design, there are trends in logo design and business branding and this means designs which stand out and are refreshingly different at all costs.

Logo's need to appeal to a critical audience.

There is frequently a misconception that a few clicks of a mouse and an expensive design program is all that is needed to produce a nice shiny new logo.

No designer should be expected to work under pressure of time or money when something as important as a company logo or brand is at risk.

Every designer needs to have a clear understanding of what the logo needs to represent, and in order to achieve this may need to spend time researching the product, service or type of business the client wants a logo for.

Some designers specialise in logo design alone, and if you are heading a corporation or investing in a very large start-up concept, then a specialist logo designer, or an agency is definitely the way to go.

Small business owners would most likely find the cost of employing a logo specialist rather prohibitive.

Our advice to anyone looking for a logo on a small or tight budget is to ring a few designers, outline your concept and pick the designer who you feel you can best relate to, or who best understands your business model.

We will call you for a free discussion on your logo requirements if you send a message through our contact form, and provide a phone number.

Lets work together to get great
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