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We don’t want to just take your money, build a crappy dead-in-the-water website and leave you on your own. We want to work with you to achieve a result which helps your business grow in ways you didn’t realise were possible. We want to be there in your future when you need more of our business! That’s just good old fashioned customer service.

Our 6 Step Development Process



If you've made the decision to employ our services, the first step is to sign our Contract. The contract serves to protect both parties and help keep the project on track. This first step also includes our very important discovery process, where we learn from you about your business and industry, your target market and customers, and the ultimate goal/aim for the website. Our Discovery Questions document will help you with this process.

web design contract


Research & Planning
Step 2 is primarily about research and planning. This is where we spend time looking at your competitors and your customer demographic and select the most effective keywords to use for informing search engines about your business. We develop an SEO strategy and finalise a sitemap .


Design & Development
In this step, we use the information we gathered in the Discover and Plan steps to shape the design of the website. We develop the structure and build in the various functions and begin adding the content. Our aim is to ensure the website is user-friendly and user-appealing.


Test & Optimise
Testing and optimising is really part of design and development, but at this time we will upload the website to a staging server where the client can see it and perform their own tests, and also make last minute decisions, changes and tweaks.


The Launch phase is integral to ensuring the website is ready to perform. We submit the website to search engines, ensure that the on-page SEO and meta additions are doing their job, and that old website pages from a previous website are redirected to the new website pages so that no ranking is lost. We monitor its progress while search engines discover the new website and we make any necessary adjustments.


Website maintenance is important for the long-term health and success of a website. There are long term responsibilities to owning a website, and we always offer our clients a website maintenance package so they can rest assured that their website's systems are updated, backed-up and running smoothly. Each package is tailored for the unique requirements of that particular website, which may require on-going SEO, content updates, regular blog articles, newsletter management, social media marketing and more.
A Smooth Website Design Process
Our 6-step outline has been introduced to make the website design process proceed smoothly for both our clients and ourselves. Much like the mechanics of a car, clients cannot hope to know all that it is necessary about the mechanics of website development. Conversely, no-one knows a business better than the owners of that business. With our discovery, research and planning steps, the development of your website will be more informed. Crucial steps won't be missed, and the result will be a team collaboration. And finally, maintaining a website protects the investment made in building the website, and the teamwork continues for success.

Lets work together to get great
results for your business

Quality design, timely development and on-going support
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