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We frequently have people contact us who want to know about shopping cart websites. How much they cost is usually the first question, which is perfectly natural, but like a piece of string, they are all different.

Every shopping cart, and indeed every website, is unique to the website owner's requirements and also to the products or services to be sold.

Which eCommerce Solution?

Before a website designer can supply a firm quote, they have to know what that shopping cart is expected to provide and achieve, what is being provided and what has to be developed or created. There are many variables which will determine how long the project will take to develop.

There are a variety of shopping cart systems available and the choice will depend on your unique requirements.

Some are best suited to smaller shopping carts, while a larger ecommerce venture may require a more sophisticated and custom solution.

You need to do your shopping cart homework

From a web design professional's point of view, there is a long list of considerations for an online store which need to be factored in by both client and developer.

The following should all be considered:

  • Which shopping cart software system will best suit the project?
  • How many products?
  • How many different categories of products?
  • How will customers pay?
  • How will the items be packaged and shipped?
  • What are the products packaged weights?
  • Are the products for sale to a local, national or international market?
  • Do you have suitable photos for each product?
  • Will photos be supplied in the correct size and format or will the developer need to provide this service?
  • Who will maintain the shopping cart?
  • Do you or your staff have the technical capabilities for self-management?
  • Is the web developer required to provide internet marketing?
  • Is the client prepared with descriptive content and prices for every product item?
  • Will products require user reviews?

Smart eCommerce

If you've read this far you can see that there is a lot to discuss and organise if you are looking to set up an ecommerce website.

If you are working to a strict budget we can provide you with options which will suit you, out of the box.

If you have a large project we can deliver and provide customise work and/or on-going website management as required. Contact us for a quote.

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