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Website Planning Guide

You need a website planning guide whether you are planning a small business website with only a few pages or an online store with thousands of products. Your main priority should be to consider how that website is going to be found by your customers, but before you can get that far you have to […]

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Revamp your website: How it affects your brand

A website rebuild can be costly. The revamp requires resources, available money, and a lot of time. Yet a website rebuild is an investment in your company, and done correctly, will benefit your company in a very rich way.

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How to optimise your business website to make it a brand

One of the main benefits you get when you utilize technology to market your company online is that you could potentially reach millions with just a few clicks. The more visible your company is, the more people will place trust in the services and products you offer.

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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation in a Nutshell

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of bringing your website to or near the top of a search engine list when potential customers search for a product or service that you want them to find. When someone types in a 'keyword', which is a word or phrase related to your product or service, Google will […]

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Website Security - What to Know

Do you believe your website security is sufficient to protect your internet business, your website or your customer details? It is estimated that around 10,000 websites around the world are hacked on a daily basis. There is a tendency for hackers to target small and medium businesses because typically, they have less or no security […]

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