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Internet Marketing Versus Traditional Advertising

Internet marketing cannot be ignored if you are serious about promoting your business product or service. Today, with the growth of the internet and the availability of information literally at their fingertips, people spend more time searching online for what they want than they do thumbing through magazines or phone books.

With this incredible development has evolved a new market place for advertising.

Internet Marketing is Targeted

Visitors to your website arrive there via a few different mediums:

  • Word of mouth - someone passes on your website address or an html newsletter they have received from you.
  • Directory Listings - they find you on a local area Online Business Directory.
  • Search Engine searches - People mostly don't look past the first page in a search engine list, some not even past the first four.

internet marketingThere are others, but I'm sure you get the drift. The point is, your potential customers are searching for a particular product or service. Magazine and Newspaper advertising is a bit hit and miss these days.

It is just so much easier, and a whole lot more fun, to search on Google or your favourite search engine for what you want. The choice is huge and all the information you want is right there in a website without the need to even speak to anyone.

That is, if the business owner is smart and puts his website with all its information at the forefront of all his competitors.

Tracking your customers

With traditional advertising you can never be sure who is seeing your advertisement, or even whether they see it more than once. It is difficult to track the reach of newspaper and television. But with the help of internet marketing, a website owner can track how many people visit their website, what pages they visit, even what country they might be viewing their website from.

Such information is invaluable for sales and marketing strategies.

Less cost

It is getting cheaper all the time to have a website. Of course you can do it on a budget of almost nothing if you don't care about presentation, correct code and being found by search engines.

Assuming you want a website which promotes your product or service in a professional way, is easy to navigate and represents you the way you want your customers to see you, then you will see the value in paying a professional.

Getting back to advertising costs, what you need to do is compare traditional advertising costs - Yellow Pages, Magazines, Newspapers, flyers, mail-outs etc - with the cost of quality SEO.

Actually, there is no real comparison. SEO might seem more expensive until you realise that you don't actually have to advertise at all the traditional way - you will get all the business you can handle through internet searches.

Are you beginning to understand what all the SEO hype is about?

If not, just ask us and we'll explain in more depth.


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